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Oregon Trail Park

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  1. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  2. Meeting Rooms
  3. Parking
  4. Picnic Areas
  5. Picnic Tables
  6. Playground
  7. Restrooms
  8. Soccer
  9. Water

This park has a variety of facilities which include the baseball fields, soccer fields, a meeting room, concession stand, restrooms, an adjacent playground, kidStation, and a safety village.

Temporary Pickleball Courts to be Installed at Oregon Trail Park

Oregon Trails - Pickleball Courts

With the aim of providing an outstanding experience for our park visitors, we have planned a series of enhancements to elevate the quality and appeal of Oregon Trail Park. These improvements encompass several key areas, focusing on both the park's infrastructure and recreational features. 

To begin, a new loop trail is being planned for the outer edge of the park, specifically around the sports fields. The intention is to pave the trail, thereby enhancing the overall accessibility for park visitors.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of recreational amenities and their role in promoting physical activity and well-being. Thus, the proposed plan also includes the addition of a pickleball court complex as well as the construction of a new parking lot, both of which will be situated on the northern end of the park.

The decision has been made to dismantle the skate park due to its deteriorating condition. In the interim, temporary pickleball courts will be installed in that space until the new complex is constructed. During the interim period, the administration, in collaboration with the Parks and Recreation Board, will dedicate time to envisioning potential plans for the utilization of the space in the future.

We are confident that these planned improvements will significantly enhance the overall experience at Oregon Trail Park. The renovations are scheduled to commence this month and completion is projected for early 2025. During this period, some areas of the park may be temporarily inaccessible.

Posted October 11, 2023