Can I e-file my City of Stow income tax return?

After gathering the needed information; W-2's, Form 1099-MISC, Federal Schedules C, E, and/or K-1, etc., the City of Stow income tax return can be entered, reviewed, and corrected if needed. Follow the "prepare your taxes online" link under the Income Tax Department page. Once the return is completed and finalized, the tax return is securely transmitted to the Stow Income Tax Department. If a payment is required, the instructions are posted on the website for making that payment.

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1. What is the City of Stow income tax rate and what type of income is taxable?
2. What is taxable income?
3. What income is not taxable?
4. Who must file?
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6. I am a Stow resident who works outside the City of Stow. My employer withholds local income taxes from my pay. Do I still owe income taxes to the City of Stow?
7. Can I e-file my City of Stow income tax return?
8. I prefer to file a paper form - where can I get a City of Stow income tax form?
9. Can I receive assistance in preparing my City of Stow Income Tax return?
10. Where can I find a copy of the Stow Income Tax Ordinance?