Commercial Solicitors Permit

Application for Commercial Solicitors Permit

Understanding Regulations for Door-to-Door Solicitations

Solicitation Permit List 2023


Step 1: 

The following items must be submitted all together: 

  • Completed Application – please check to insure everything is clear and legible. Must include employer’s name, address and phone #. If driving a vehicle, also must complete that portion of application.
  • Completed and signed waiver (Criminal History check) – please print legibly, especially SSN
  • We also need a copy of your state issued ID card (passport is not acceptable), out of state ID is acceptable. Must be a VALID state issued ID with a photo. We can copy this for you when you drop off the completed application with your payment.
  • $45 Fee per applicant – CASH OR CHECK only payable to The City of Stow. Each approved permit is valid six (6) months or until the end of the current year, whichever is longer.
  • Please bring or mail your completed application to Stow City Hall, 3760 Darrow Road, Stow, OH 44224. If you mail the application, please include: attn.: D. Berkey, Mayor’s Office.

The entrance to our parking lot is off of Louis Dirker Jr Blvd which is accessible from either Graham Road or from Darrow Road. Hours to drop off your application are 8:00 am – noon or 1:00 pm-4:00 pm.

Step 2: 

A background check will be completed as soon as possible on each person wishing to solicit in Stow once they have submitted the completed application, returned it to Stow City Hall with payment. Once we have those results (background check), I will contact each applicant to address any questions and to schedule a time they may stop in, sign for and pick up their permit. Please insure an up to date phone number and email address is included on the application.

Step 3:  

When the applicant comes to Stow City Hall to pick up and sign for their permit, they will also be receiving a “Do Not Solicit” address list. Residents in Stow are permitted to place their address on the Do Not Solicit list. All solicitors are required to keep this list with them at all times while soliciting in Stow and are NOT permitted to approach any address on the “Do Not Solicit” list. Also, solicitors are NOT permitted to approach or knock on doors of any residence displaying a “Do Not Solicit” sign of any type. Approved solicitors will also receive a copy of the City of Stow Ordinance pertaining to Commercial solicitation and their laminated permit which must be visible and worn on a lanyard around their neck at all times while soliciting in the City of Stow. Since the COVID 19 pandemic began, we are also asking all solicitors to comply with all guidelines issued by the Governor’s Office and the CDC as well as the Summit County Board of Health and wear a mask at all times when approaching a residence or interacting with anyone IF you have not yet been vaccinated and please maintain proper social distancing.

If you have any additional questions, please contact 330-689-2800 or contact me by email at


Deb Berkey Administrative Assistant
City of Stow Mayor’s Office 330-689-2800

Residents should know the following:

Although the individuals working for companies qualify to go door-to-door and receive a permit, the City does not necessarily endorse these companies or their products or services.

  • The City of Stow does not have representatives going door-to-door to provide information or enroll residents into our utility aggregate programs. All of our programs provide information through the US mail with the associated City of Stow Logo reflected;
  • Although a solicitor carries a “Solicitor’s Permit” with the City’s logo on it, that does not mean they represent the City;
  • Residents should never provide account numbers, copies of bills or other personal information to a solicitor!
  • Residents should be cautious and review the offer closely before enrolling in a program they are unsure of. When in doubt, don’t sign up!
  • Residents can always call the Mayor’s office to verify the solicitor or the Public Service Department for help;
  • If there is a problem with a solicitor being forceful, rude, or disrespectful, contact Police Dispatch immediately to request officer assistance