Timeline of Stow Township Buildings, Roads, Developments

Date & EventAddress/Location
1796 to 1797 Moses Cleaveland's party explored mouth of Cuyahoga, with Joshua Stow"Town 3, Range 10"
1799 Hudson township settled, north of StowN/A
1802 Walker family cabin5369 Stow Road (in NE)
1803 Betsy Walker born5369 Stow Road (in NE)
1803 Ohio becomes a stateN/A
1803 Starr settled "Call Farm"Fish Creek Road (before road was there)
1804 Bridge over Cuyahoga in Franklin MillsKent, OH
1804 Mary Campbell bornStow Township
1804 Stow settled by Wetmores, etc. in JuneN/A
1804 Wetmore house, JulyStow Center
1805 Franklin settled (1867 named Kent)N/A
1806 First church held (Stephen Butler home)3226 Kent Road
1806 First school held (Walker cabin)5369 Stow Road (in NE)
1807 1st burial in Maple Lawn Cemetery (aka Maple Grove, Darrowville)Darrow Road
1807 Judge William Wetmore farmhouse ("treaty steps")3020 Kent Road
1808 First sawmill, by Ezra Wyatt3428 Hudson Road (Stow Corners)
1808 new William Wetmore house3060 Kent Road (E of Wetmore Pond) (Silver Lake)
1808 Stow is organizedN/A
1808 to 1809 Samuel Baker's houseN of cemetery
1809 John Graham's farmW Graham Road
1809 Stow Cemetery's first burial (Eliz. Goodwin Gaylord, wife of Jonathan G., Sr.)Kent Road
1810 First schoolhouse builtStow Corners
1810 First tavern, Ezra WyattStow Corners NE
1811 First election of officers, Butler's cabinDarrow, N of Graham
1812 Caleb Wetmore house3438 Kent Road
1809 William Stow et al, settled Kelsey Mills (now Munroe Falls)Monroe Falls
1809 Gristmill, by Kelsey and WilcoxCuyahoga River at Bailey Road (Monroe Falls)
1812 first dam across river by Kelsey and WilcoxBailey Road (Monroe Falls)
1817 Second dam, by Kelsey, at site of present oneMunroe Falls
1818 Kelseys' new gristmill beside Graham distilleryMunroe Falls
1821 Thorton Kitchen147 S Main Street, Munroe Falls
1812? Indians left Silver LakeSilver Lake
1812 to 1814 War of 1812N/A
1815 Hudson Road improved by Joseph DarrowFrom the center of Stow to Hudson line
1816 John Graham house and distilleryMunroe Falls N of river
1817 Sawmill by Wolcott and GriswoldMunroe Falls N of river
1819 Titus Wetmore home built (later Dunn-Quigley Funeral Home)Kent Road
1820 Edwin Wetmore's house3060 Kent Road (Silver Lake)
1825 There were 10 schoolhouses by thenN/A
1825 Woolcott houseE Kent Road
1825 William Wetmore and J. Stow established Cuyahoga Falls (from SW Stow Township)N/A
1825 Dam built in Cuyahoga FallsN/A
1825 to 1826 Saw, grist, linseed, and mills built in Cuyahoga FallsN/A
1826 Paper mill built in Cuyahoga FallsN/A
1828 Starr/Call farmhouse built by Josiah Starr5215 Fish Creek Road
1831 1st church Building - PresbyterianKent Road, beside cemetery
1831 Schoolhouse Number 3 builtDarrow Road N of Stow Corners
1832 Southmayd HouseStow and Darrow Roads
1826 Sadler farmhouse954 McCauley Road (Metz)
1834 Metz Church builtMcCauley Road
1890? Metz post office887 McCauley Road
1834 Titus Wetmore houseStow Corners NW
1836 William Graham house1670 Graham Road
1838 "White Haven" builtFish Creek and Graham Roads NW
1837 Tornado destination Fred Sanford houseGraham Road Salt Lake
1836 Dixon-McCracken General Store10 N Main Street, Munroe Falls
1836 Edmund Munroe bought 200 acres near damMunroe Falls
1837 Munroe Falls Manufacturing Co. (for silk, etc.)Munroe Falls
1837 Panic of 1837 (depression)N/A
1838 Village of Munroe Falls incorporatedN/A
1840 Summit County organized from Portage and Medina CountiesN/A
1840 to 1869 P and O Canal in useMunroe Falls, S of river
1841 The first Center schoolNW corner Darrow and Graham
1844 Disciples of Christ acquired Former Presbyterian BuildingKent Road
1847 "Minnie Darrow House" by Lyman Darrow5026 Darrow, SE corner of Darrow and Norton Roads
1849 "Mary Starr House" built by Lyman Darrow5040 Darrow Road
1849 "White Haven" bought by William ParkeFish Creek and Graham Roads NE or NW?
1850 First bank in Munroe Falls by Owen Brown50 Munroe Falls Avenue
1850? "Oregon 1000" signFish Creek and Graham Roads NE or NW?
1852 Chamberlain farmhouse by Chas. Powers4160 Darrow Road
1855 Stewart-Hanson house built2832 Call Road
1860 to 1865 Civil WarN/A
1865 Sultana Steamship tragedy; 8 Stow soldiers involved and 4 killedMississippi River
1868 Stow Township Hall builtStow Corners SW
1874 Summit County's Townships all mappedN/A
1876 U.S. CentennialN/A
1876 Disciples of Christ Church moved to Darrow Road (N parking lot of current Building)3493 Darrow Road
1870 Ralph Lodge house2879 Silver Lake Boulevard (Silver Lake)
1874 Stow Lake/Wetmore Pond named Silver Lake (by Ralph Lodge)Silver Lake
1875 Silver Lake Amusement Park estSilver Lake
1875 Darrow Street Grange HallDarrow Road
1868 Geistweite Home (S of towpath, tracks; w of Route 91)21 N Main Street, Munroe Falls
1884 Railroad tracks built on bed of canal (the Pittsburgh and Western)Munroe Falls
1900 B and O built double tracks and moved depotMunroe Falls
1866 Munroe bros. flour mill converted to paper millMunroe Falls
1879 Munroe Falls post office began in general store10 N Main Street, Munroe Falls
1885 Guise House Munroe Falls147 S Main Street, Munroe Falls
1885 Munroe Falls 1-room school built (city hall)Munroe Falls
1890 Darrowville foundedDarrow Road
1895 Interurban ran from Akron to Kent (til 1932)Kent Road
1895 Mud Turtle Pond renamed Wyoga Lake (Indian=place of the turtle)Stow
1896 Elgin Butter and Ice Cream founded3346 Darrow Road
1905 Stow General Store/Stow Hardware Co. in 1930Kent Road
1913 Massive flooding in Ohio swept away dam and bridgeMunroe Falls
1913 Dam replacedMunroe Falls
1907 Center School3760 Darrow Road
1914 Center School addition to west side3760 Darrow Road
1916 Munroe Falls joins Stow school systemN/A
1915 Elgin Butter and Ice Cream Co. ended/became Stow Dairy3346 Darrow Road
1917 Silver Lake Amusement Park closed/became a residential areaSilver Lake
1918 Flu epidemicArea-wide
1918 Silver Lake Village incorporated (William R. Lodge=1st mayor)Silver Lake
1918 Paradise Park allotment was platted and homes beganformer Wetmore estate
1919 Marhofer Chevrolet (began as auto repair, gas)Stow Corners SE
1919 Wetmore Park dedicatedKent Road
1920 Stow Aviation Field4020 Kent Road
1920 Stow Community Church built (round Building)Elm Road
1921 Current FCC church built beside Disciples of Christ Building ("Church of Christ at Stow")3493 Darrow Road
1921 Summit City Home openedMunroe Falls Geisteweite farm
1921 Village of Munroe Falls voted on, majority approvedMunroe Falls
1923 Munroe Falls annexed SW portion from TallmadgeMonroe Falls
1924 High School built across from Central SchoolGraham Road
1926 Silver Lake joined Stow schools: "Stow Township Rural School District"N/A
1925 Library opened in Township HallStow Corners SW
1926 Holt's Pharmacy3310 Kent Road
1926 Colonnade built3310 Kent Road
1927 "3390 Building" built by John William Marhofer3390 Kent Road
1928 Wyatt tavern moved (house only)Stow Corners NE to 3614 Elm Road
1930 Library relocated north3512 Darrow Road
1930? Becker Wholesale Foods building/storm doors /Dominic's Produce/Sealtest Dairy/Police and Fire DepartmentsStow Corners SW
1931 Sohio/Standard Oil/BP station (100 year old oak tree cut)Stow Corners NW
1930? Isaly's dairy store opened3390 Kent Road
1930? Spaght BuildingStow Corners NE
1932 Hudson Road built over gorgeStow Corners
1932 Interurban line discontinuedKent Road
1933 Munroe Falls Road named where Yukon is nowYukon Road
1933 School bus service beganN/A
1934 Becker Wholesale FoodsStow Corners SW
1934 First Fire StationKent Road and Gorge Boulevard
1934 Munroe Falls annexed SE portion from TallmadgeN/A
1936 Central Cash Market3390 Kent Road
1936 Metz post office closed (Building remains)887 McCauley Road
1936 Wyatt tavern burned down (not house)Stow Corners NE
1939 Stow Grade School (now Highland Elementry) was 1st grade School1843 Graham Road
1939 Stow Field (name changed)4020 Kent Road
1940 Tip-Top Drive-In3428 Darrow Road
1941 Center School closedGraham Road
1941 Hall moved for Children's Chapel (dedicated In 1948)3493 Darrow Road
1943 Kent State University Airport (name change)4020 Kent Road
1947 Stow Dairy (location Number 2)135 W Kent Road
1948 Adell Durbin Park dedicatedDarrow Road
1948 Eddy's Cycle and Supply estateDarrow Road
1948 Children's Chapel dedicated3493 Darrow Road
1948 Munroe Falls First Fire Station59 N Main Street, Munroe Falls
1949 Osman's Pie Shop (location Number 1) Colonnade Building3310 Kent Road
1952 Guise ParkMunroe Falls Avenue (beside city hall)
1952 to 1953 Diagonal Road renamed to Stow RoadStow
1952 to 1953 Hudson Road renamed as Darrow RoadStow
1952 Munroe Falls Road renamed Yukon RoadStow
1953 Dunn-Quigley Funeral Home opened117 W Kent Road/3333 Kent Road
1954 Riverview Elementary240 N River Road, Munroe Falls
1954 Woodland Elementary2908 Graham Road
1955 Isaly's moved W (location Number 2)3322 Kent Road
1957 Church of Christ changed name to "First Christian Church of Stow"3493 Darrow Road
1958 Darrow Road widenedDarrow Road
1958 Darrow Street Grange Hall movedDarrow Road
1958 Darrowville Post Office closedDarrow Road
1959 MacTac built4560 Darrow Road
1959 Stow-Kent Shopping Center4310 Kent Road
1960's American Elm trees died from Dutch Elm disease; new Stow Tree Board replaced themStow
1960 Fishcreek Elementary5080 Fishcreek Road
1960 Osman's Pie Shop (location Number 2) (Stow Plaza)Kent Road
1960 Flag Pole restaurant3428 Darrow Road
1960 Holy Family Church3450 Sycamore Drive
1960 Lakeview Intermediate School1819 Graham Road
1960 Sonoco purchased paper mill in Munroe Falls59 N Main Street, Munroe Falls
1960 Stow became a cityStow
1961 Last burial in Maple Lawn; Stow City took over maintenanceDarrow Road
1961 to 1963 Commerce ParkCommerce Drive
1962 First Federal S and L (later Charter One Bank)135 W Kent Road
1963 Echo Hills Elementary4405 Stow Road
1963 Fire Station Number 2Commerce Drive
1963 Library moved into new building3512 Darrow Road
1963 Munroe Falls town hall moved to present siteMunroe Falls Avenue
1963 New bridge over river in Munroe Falls (for Route 91)Munroe Falls
1966 Andrew W Paton Field (name changed)4020 Kent Road
1966 Southmayd House Removed to Hale FarmStow and Darrow Roads
1967 Fire Station demolishedKent Road and Gorge Boulevard
1967 to 1995 police stationDarrow Road
1968 Silver Springs Park estate5027 Stow Road
1968 Captain Jack's restaurant3428 Darrow Road
1968 High School renamed "Workman High School"Graham Road
1969 Indian Trail Elementary3512 Kent Road
1969 Stow Hardware demolishedKent Road
1970 Kimpton Middle School380 N River Road, Munroe Falls
1970 Summit City Home closedMunroe Falls Geisteweite farm
1970 Veterans' Memorial Park3301 Kent Road
1972 Colonnade Building Named3310 Kent Road
1972 Oregon Corners PlazaFish Creek and Graham Roads SW
1972 White Haven removed to Silver Springs ParkFish Creek and Graham Roads NW
1973 Library addition3512 Darrow Road
1974 Munroe Falls new fire and police stationsMunroe Falls Avenue(City Hall)
1978 Munroe Falls Metropark estate (was John Renner's)Munroe Falls
1979 Graham Road widenedGraham Road
1979 Library addition3512 Darrow Road
1981 Osman's Pie Shop (location Number 3)4974 Darrow Road
1984 Kent Road widenedKent Road
1984 Present Post Office built3900 Darrow Road
1984 to 1985 Central School Building Demolished3760 Graham Road
1985 Darrow House removed to Silver Springs Park5026 Darrow
1985 Stow-Glen Retirement Community estate (1st in Summit)4285 Kent Road
1986 Around the Clock Restaurant3428 Darrow Road
1986 New City Hall completed3760 Graham Road
1987 New (current) Stow High School (1st class was 1988)3227 E Graham Road
1989 Workman demolished (for Plaza)Graham Road
1986 Silver Valley Condominiums and Shopping Center (Plaza)Darrow Road
1991 Munroe Falls became a cityMunroe Falls
1991 Starr house removed to Silver Springs ParkYoung Road
1992 Charlie's Restaurant3428 Darrow Road
1992 Walker house demolished5369 Stow Road (in NE)
1993 American Holly tree removed from Kent Road to ArboretumKent Road
1993 Heather Knoll Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterMunroe Falls
1995 Munroe Falls new safety BuildingMunroe Falls Avenue (city hall)
1995 Stow Safety Center3800 Darrow Road (behind City Hall)
1995 Police and Fire stations moved to Safety Center3800 Darrow Road
1996 Three houses razed for library renovation (Chamberlains' and others)3512 Darrow Road
1996 Eddy's Bike Shop moved south3707 Darrow Road
1996 Present Doughboy erected3800 Darrow Road
1997 Isaly's location Number 2 closed3322 Kent Road
1997 Isaly's II opened in renovated Colonnade Building3310 Kent Road
1997 Library moved back into enlarged building3512 Darrow Road
1998 CVS drug store opened3301 Kent Road
1998 Munroe Falls new service garage openedMunroe Falls Avenue (city hall)
1999 Skate ParkGraham Road
2002 Most acreage of Call Farm sold for "Call's Farm" housing developmentFish Creek Road
2002 Ohio Bicentennial barn painted3742 Hudson Drive
2002 Stow built water tower beside Post OfficeDarrow Road
2003 to 2004 Colonnade Building Renovated3310 Kent Road
2003 July storms resulted in record floodingStow and Munroe Falls
2003 Marhofer 3390 Building demolished after flood3390 Kent Road
2003 Fire Station Number 3Fish Creek Road& L'Hermitage Place
2004 Stow celebrated 200 years!
2005 Tip Top Restaurant returns, in place of Charlie's
3428 Darrow Road