Department Listing

Building and Engineering

Jim McCleary, City Engineer
Phone: 330-689-2729 or 330-689-2719
Email Building
Email Engineering

Responsible for issuing building permits and for monitoring the progress of residential and commercial building projects to ensure compliance with adopted codes and standards.

City Council

Phone: 330-689-2859
Email City Council

Elected to represent the interests of the citizenry, responsible for serving and advancing the general welfare of the people through exercising its legislative power.

Civil Service

Phone: 330-689-2736
Email Civil Service

Economic Development

Nathan Leppo, Director of Planning and Development
Phone: 330-689-2812
Email Economic Development

Responsible for establishing and maintaining a diversified economic base with an emphasis on retention and expansion of existing businesses, while attracting new growth-oriented industries.


Jim Costello, Finance Director
Phone: 330-689-2839
Email Finance

Responsible for administration of all fiscal affairs of the City.


Mark Stone, Fire Chief
Phone: 330-689-3290
Email Fire/EMS

Responsible for the saving of life and property in the City through aggressive prevention, inspection, suppression, and rescue practices and a public safety educational program.

Human Resources

Nicholas A. Wren, Director of Public Service
Phone: 330-689-2829
Email Human Resources

Provides information about employment opportunities in the City of Stow government and general information about personnel and human resource issues.

Income Tax

Sami Wagner, Tax Administrator
Phone: 330-689-2849
Email Income Tax

Responsible for the collection, documentation, and enforcement of municipal income taxes due to the City.


Jaime Syx, Law Director
Phone: 330-689-2869
Email Law

Provides legal service to the City by representing the City Council, officers, departments, and boards of the City as legal counsel and attorney.

Mayor's Office

John Pribonic, Mayor
Phone: 330-689-2800
Email the Mayor's Office

Chief Executive Officer of the City.

Parks & Recreation

Linda Nahrstedt, Director
Phone: 330-689-5100
Email Park & Recreation

Provides leisure and cultural activities, special events, facilities, and services that encourage health, relaxation, cultural enrichment, and learning.

Planning & Development

Nathan Leppo, Planning Director
Phone: 330-689-2812
Email Planning & Development

Responsible for managing current and future land uses, facilitating business development, enforcing the City's Zoning Code, and issuing sign and home occupation permits.


Jeff Film, Chief of Police
Phone: 330-689-5700
Email the Police Department

Responsible for the protection of life and property, preservation of peace, repression of crime, apprehension of criminal suspects, accident investigation, and traffic law enforcement.

Public Service

Nicholas A. Wren, Director
Phone: 330-689-2829
Email Service

Responsible for trash and recycling collection, snow removal, leaf pick up, road repair, street sweeping, maintenance of cemeteries, City buildings, roads, traffic signals and street signs.


Phone: 330-689-2749
Email the Street Department

Responsible for snow removal, leaf picks up, road repair, street sweeping, and maintenance of cemeteries, traffic signals, and street signs.

Urban Forestry

Phone: 330-689-5120
Email Urban Forestry

Responsible for the planting, maintenance, and removal of all trees in the City right-of-way as well as the review, approval, and inspection of vegetative plantings and trees at new commercial, industrial and multifamily sites as required by the City Council.

Water Billing

Phone: 330-689-2889
Email Water Billing

Responsible for billing, collecting, and customer service to over 11,000 water customers.

Water Distribution

Phone: 330-689-2889
Email Water Distribution

Responsible for maintenance and repair of water lines, meter reading, and compliance with all EPA water quality requirements.

Zoning Compliance

Phone: 330-689-2812
Email Planning

Ensures compliance with City's Zoning Code, responds to citizen complaints about zoning code violations, issues fence and shed permits, and administers Zoning Board of Appeals process.