Target Enforcement

Target Enforcement Areas are streets or intersections within the city where problems have been identified either by citizen complaints or by statistical analysis from report data. These problems may be speeders, drivers not obeying traffic control devices, drivers passing stopped school buses, or areas where numerous traffic crashes have been recorded.

The Stow Police Department strongly supports the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) initiative to enforce seat belt safety through the "Click It or Ticket" Campaign. Drivers stopped for traffic violations will be cited if the officer does not see them wearing their seat belts. If you are stopped, do not unbuckle until the officer approaches and sees that you are wearing your seat belt.

Remember to wear your safety belt at all times and if you are stopped, DO NOT remove your safety belt until the officer approaches and actually sees that you are wearing the belt. If the officer doesn't see you wearing your seat belt, you WILL get a ticket. As always, please, drive safely.

Traffic Complaint Areas

Citizens may call the Stow Police Department to request a Traffic Alert for their street or an area where they see a concern that they would like an officer to monitor. These alerts are worked as time allows and may be the main road or a residential side street. Call the police department to report a Traffic Alert.