Special Units

Metro SWAT

Metro SWAT is a mobile team of police officers from 22 participating political subdivisions which will respond to member communities when special weapons and tactics are needed. The unit consists of 52 highly trained personnel with specific skills in marksmanship, tactical response, containment, deployment of chemical munitions, and hostage negotiations. The team has seven medics, three team doctors, and a team psychologist.

Summit County DUI Task Force

The Summit County DUI Task Force is a diverse county-wide task force with representatives from law enforcement agencies throughout Summit County as well as private organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Safe Communities.

The Hudson Police Department is the lead agency for the Summit County DUI Task Force and will serve as the fiscal and administrative agency for this year's grant. Several Stow Officers serve on this task force as Special Summit County Sheriff's Deputies and work around the county to enforce Ohio DUI (OVI) Laws.