About the Law Director

Jaime was born and raised in Stow and Munroe Falls. She graduated from Kent State University where she majored in Psychology and minored in Criminal Justice Studies. She earned her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Akron, School of Law as a part-time student while working full-time as a paralegal specialist for the Department of Defense Garnishment Operations Directorate. Jaime has always had a heart for service and justice. After graduating from law school, she served our community as an Assistant Prosecuting attorney for the Summit County Prosecutor's Office. She has significant criminal trial experience and was actively involved with the National District Attorneys Association Trial Advocacy Program. Jaime lives in Stow with her husband, Carl Syx, a firefighter with the city of Tallmadge, and their three children.

Since being elected as the Law Director for the City of Stow in 2020, she has continuously reached out to the senior population to help keep them safe from scams, she has brought back the Neighborhood Mediation Program, spoke to students about community safety, partnered with the Stow Police Department to spread safety awareness throughout the city of Stow, and works hard every day toward her goal of crime prevention. She believes that education is the key to crime prevention and offers to provide presentations on a wide range of topics to Stow residents, groups, clubs, and students, which include; community safety, scams and fraud prevention, bullying, identity fraud, sexting and Start by Believing which is where one can learn how to react and respond when someone tells you that they are a victim of sexual assault.

Mission Statement

The Law Department of the City Stow, under the direction of the City's law director, functions as the attorney for the City of Stow and its officials by providing legal advice to the mayor, city council, judges, clerk of court, and all of the various departments. The Law Department represents the City in all court proceedings and before any administrative body. The law department prepares legislation, contracts, and all legal documents to ensure all business of the City is conducted in a proper and legal manner and serves the city government in meeting its strategic objectives.

Responsibilities of the Law Department

Criminal Responsibilities

The Law Department is responsible for prosecuting all misdemeanor crimes and traffic offenses that occur within the City; defending the city on appeals; advising police officers on probable cause matters and other issues; providing training and advice to the Stow police officers. The Stow Law Department also prosecutes misdemeanors on behalf of Northfield Center Township, Twinsburg Township, Boston Township, Sagamore Hills, Ohio State Highway Patrol, and Northcoast Behavioral Center. The Law Department is responsible for providing timely, professional, and ethical services to all residents, court personnel, and others they work with on a daily basis. The Law Department ensures fair, impartial, and equal administration of justice and will fight for severe punishment of dangerous and violent offenders all while preserving the rights and dignity of crime victims and maintaining a positive and professional relationship with all members of law enforcement.

Civil Responsibilities

The Law Department serves as legal counsel and advisor to the City, its agencies, departments, boards, commissions, and all of its elected officials. As a legal advisor, the department prepares all legal documents, legislation, and contracts and renders both formal and informal legal opinions. In addition, the department performs those duties defined and required by the city charter as well as those specified by the Ohio Revised Code.

The department represents the City's interests in all civil and administrative proceedings. It files lawsuits and pursues claims on behalf of the City, and it also defends the City and its boards, commissions, and officials in any proceeding where they may be named as parties.

Among its other responsibilities, the Law Department represents the City in damage and injury claims made against the City; defends allegations of civil rights violations and allegations of unconstitutionality; initiates suits for collection of taxes; files actions to enforce City ordinances including zoning and building codes; pursue damage claims by the City against persons who have damaged City property; and represents the City in public nuisance abatement proceedings, as well as federal bankruptcy and state court foreclosure proceedings.

The Law Department also represents the City as a municipal corporation in real estate development transactions and operational matters, as well as being responsible for certain filing and revivals of liens. It also drafts and approves proposed ordinances, resolutions, deeds, leases, contracts, legal pleadings, and briefs. The Law Department represents the interests of Stow's government in administrative proceedings before regulatory agencies.

The Law Department is committed to ensuring the best decisions are being made on behalf of the city. Please feel free to contact the department with any questions or concerns you may have. Although the Law Department cannot provide legal advice, we will do our best to address your concerns.